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"The greatest gift is a passion for reading" - Elizabeth Hardwick

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‘An Interview with Thom Stark’

Author of 'American Sulla'

An Interview with Thom Stark

Writing is not so much something I always wanted to do as it is a career I was never going to be able to avoid. I tried, so help me. I really did. I spent decades working as everything from a carnival roustabout to a videotape editor to an aspiring rock star. But, eventually, fate caught up with me, when the editor of LAN Times Magazine offered me the chance to write the first computer industry magazine column dedicated exclusively to all things Internet. I went on to spend the next seven years as a computer journalist, and, by the time my market disappeared in the dotcom implosion of 2002, my transformation into a full-time writer was complete.


‘The Marriage Mender’

by Linda Green

The Marriage Mender

As a relationship counsellor, everyone assumes Alison would have it sorted when it comes to her own home life, but this is proving to be far from the case. When her husband's ex turns up and threatens to break up her family, Alison discovers that she doesn't seem to have the skills to mend her own marriage. What can she possibly do to put things right for them all?


‘The Percy Jackson Series ’

by Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson Series

My favourite book in the series is 'The Last Olympian'. This is my favourite because it is when Kronos attacks Manhatten and tries to kill the Gods. My favourite character is Percy Jackson because he is so cool, and he is good at sword play. I'd give these books 5 stars because they are cool, exciting and completely action packed!


‘Guest Post: An Extract From 'The Marriage Mender' by Linda Green’

Guest Post: An Extract From 'The Marriage Mender' by Linda Green

I know this is going to sound stupid, but we were at this Handmade Parade workshop thing they do in Hebden Bridge every year. I was helping our daughter with her costume – it was a mythical creature theme and she wanted to be some kind of goblin – and I asked him if he could make me some horns to wear, because I hadn’t had time to make my own costume. Anyway, he comes back five minutes later with these pathetic-looking brown bits of corrugated card he’d scrunched into a bendy shape and said, ‘Will these do?’ And at exactly the same moment a woman next to us put on the horns that her husband had made for her, and they were these huge things, made from wire, with papier mâché around them, painted purple and silver, and she looked so chuffed and I thought to myself: that’s what I want. Not her horns but a husband who could be bothered to make something special for me. So I turned to him and said, ‘No, they won’t do. They won’t do at all.’


‘Where Love Lies’

by Julie Cohen

Where Love Lies

I'm a big Julie Cohen fan, and absolutely loved her last novel, 'Dear Thing', which was chosen as one of Richard and Judy's Summer Reads this year, so was thriled when this arrived in the post! Most of the book is told in the first person by Felicity, who certainly wasn't a traditional heroine. She was actually quite a prickly protagonist, with a very artistic temperment! I felt rather sorry for her poor husband; he was so nice and can't understand why his wife is slipping away from him. He and Felicity seemed to make a perfect pair, with Quinn counteracting her with his more down-to-earth and sensible character.


‘Age of Iron’

by Angus Watson

Age of Iron

The Iron Age in Britain is a period generally glossed over when teaching history, mainly because we don't have that much information on it, so I was keen to see how Watson would deal with it. He adds a short Historical Note at the end of the novel, which I found very interesting, I always like to know how author's have gone about their research. Of course, by adding the fantasy element to his storytelling, Watson has sort of given himself a brilliant get out clause if any of his facts aren't 100% correct!


‘Will You Remember Me? ’

by Amanda Prowse

Will You Remember Me?

Army wife and mum-of-two Poppy Day seems to have her life right on track, and is looking forward to an amazing year. That is until she finds a lump on her breast and is diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to fight, Poppy puts on a brave face, but there are some things she just can't win against.


‘The Teashop on the Corner’

by Milly Johnson

The Teashop on the Corner

Set in Johnson's native Barnsley, the teashop in question is owned by Leni Merryman, a divorced single mum, whose daughter is travelling the world before starting university. Leni's caring, welcoming manner, and the wonderful cakes and stationary she sells, soon make her shop a haven for a select few local people, including newly widowed Carla and her tenant Will, who's building business and marriage have both failed. Through new friends, and the sanctuary of the teashop, it's customers help one another to move on from their pasts towards a more hopeful future.


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