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by Laura Williams
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‘Too Many Cooks’

by Dana Bate

Too Many Cooks

Bate’s third novel follows the adventures of cookery book ghostwriter Kelly. When Kelly’s mum dies leaving her a letter encouraging her to have more adventure in life and take some risks, Kelly leaves her home town in America, and her long-term seemingly-perfect boyfriend, and travels to London to work for actress Natasha Spencer. But between Natasha’s increasing bizarre whims and demands, and the crush Kelly soon develops on Natasha’a handsome MP husband Hugh, would Kelly have been better off staying at home after all?


‘The Sun in her Eyes’

by Paige Toon

The Sun in her Eyes

When Amber’s father has a stroke, she flies home to Australia to be with him, leaving her husband Ned back in England. Meeting up with her old mates, Amber is soon being comforted by Ethan, her best friend from when she was growing up, who she’s been in love with since they first met. Far from Ned and their marriage problems, Ethan seems a much more attractive prospect...


‘The Cake Shop in the Garden’

by Carole Matthews

The Cake Shop in the Garden

Fay Merryweather is certainly kept busy running her café from her canalside home and looking after her ailing mother. In fact, she never really does anything for herself and feels old before her time. Then one day handsome Danny Wilde stops his canal boat at the end of her garden, and makes her realise just what she’s been missing by constantly putting others first.


‘The Curvy Girls Club’

by Michelle Gorman

The Curvy Girls Club

A problem with self-confidence was one which all the women could lay claim to. I hated the way Katie didn’t feel she was good enough for the men she liked, and how she allowed herself to be treated at work. It was great when she started standing up for herself more!

‘Stranger Child’

by Rachel Abbott

Stranger Child

Emma Joseph lives with her husband David and their baby Ollie in a gorgeous house in the countryside. The marriage is happy, but haunted by the memory of David’s first wife, who was killed in a car accident six years before, at the same time as their young daughter, Tasha, disappeared. When Tasha returns, it seems someone wants revenge, but for what? Can Emma keep her family safe, or will the events of the past rip them apart?


‘Polly and the Puffin’

by Jenny Colgan, review by Henry Williams, Aged 5

Polly and the Puffin

This book is about a little girl called Polly who finds an injured puffin. She calls him Neil and looks after him until he’s better. But then Neil has to go and live with other puffins and Polly is sad. Will Neil come back to visit for some more of Polly’s iced buns? My favourite bit of this book is when Neil comes back, that made me very happy. Neil was my favourite character because he was cute and funny.


‘Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery’

by Jenny Colgan

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

The sequel to Colgan’s ‘Little Beach Street Bakery’, ‘Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery’ is set a few months after the end of the first novel. Polly has bought her lighthouse on the Cornish tidal island, Mount Polbearne, and lives there with her American boyfriend, Huckle, and her puffin, Neil. She’s happy running the bakery and, although she and Huckle don’t have much money, everything is good. But then Mrs Manse, the owner of the bakery dies, and the odious Malcolm takes over. Soon Polly, Huckle and little Neil find their lives turned upside down and are separated. Will they be able to make their way back together again?


‘The Two of Us’

by Andy Jones

The Two of Us

I loved ‘One Day’ and have ‘The Rosie Project’ lined up to read, so was really looking forward to this novel which begins when Fisher and Ivy have been together for only nineteen days. They’re crazy about each other, but it’s only when fare intervenes and there’s no turning back, that they have the time to really get to know one another. The story is told from Fisher’s point of view which was great if you wanted to know what he was thinking, but because Ivy is a bit of a closed book to him, it meant I didn’t feel that I got to know Ivy. I couldn’t even really tell whether she liked Fisher very much at times! She never seems happy with anything and doesn’t make any sort of sacrifice for him, everything always has to be done her way. The sad thing is, that I think I would have found Ivy a really interesting character whereas Fisher drove me a bit crazy at times.


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