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"The greatest gift is a passion for reading" - Elizabeth Hardwick

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‘Will You Remember Me? ’

by Amanda Prowse

Will You Remember Me?

Army wife and mum-of-two Poppy Day seems to have her life right on track, and is looking forward to an amazing year. That is until she finds a lump on her breast and is diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined to fight, Poppy puts on a brave face, but there are some things she just can't win against.


‘The Teashop on the Corner’

by Milly Johnson

The Teashop on the Corner

Set in Johnson's native Barnsley, the teashop in question is owned by Leni Merryman, a divorced single mum, whose daughter is travelling the world before starting university. Leni's caring, welcoming manner, and the wonderful cakes and stationary she sells, soon make her shop a haven for a select few local people, including newly widowed Carla and her tenant Will, who's building business and marriage have both failed. Through new friends, and the sanctuary of the teashop, it's customers help one another to move on from their pasts towards a more hopeful future.


‘With A Friend Like You’

by Fanny Blake

With A Friend Like You

I loved both the heroines, and Blake does a wonderful job of somehow allowing the reader to see each character's point of view perfectly, to the point that I really couldn't have chosen a 'side' to be on if I was asked. Both women were fairly ordinary in that neither of them was particuarly outstanding, hugely wealthy, or beautiful, but they were very interesting, and complimented each other well despite their differences. I really was desperate for them to put aside their argument but, with so much bad feeling, wondered if they'd ever really be able to.


‘A Proper Family Holiday ’

by Chrissie Manby

A Proper Family Holiday

I liked both Chelsea and Ronnie, but thought Chelsea was an especially fascinating heroine - her whole family think her life is so perfect, but it really isn't, appearances can be very deceptive in her case! The scenes between her and her little nephew were lovely and I really enjoyed seeing them become closer. Her relationship with Ronnie was also very interesting. They're just such opposites, yet were such friends when they were younger.


‘Guest Post: 'How do I choose where my novels are set?' by Fanny Blake’

Author of 'With a Friend Like You'

Guest Post: 'How do I choose where my novels are set?' by Fanny Blake

To be honest, the settings come after I’ve dreamed up the characters and some of the plot. To me, they’re not the most important part of the novel. What happens in the novels could just as well happen anywhere. I enjoy writing about women and the issues that face them, their families and friends. I try to imagine a situation or a dilemma, a ‘what if …?’ or a touch point that will affect my central characters, then I decide where to set the scene.


‘Thirteen Weddings’

by Paige Toon

Thirteen Weddings

Set primarily in London, 'Thirteen Weddings' tells the story of Bronte, an Australian woman who moves to the UK, only to discover that one of her new work colleagues, Alex, is a guy she had a one-night-stand with the year before. When it becomes clear Bronte and Alex are still attracted to each other, and Alex's own wedding day getting closer, things become rather awkward, especially Bronte realises she also has feeling for the rather delicious Lachie!


‘The Unpredictable Consequences of Love’

by Jill Mansell.

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

Sophie was a very likeable heroine, and her work as a photographer was interesting. She was a little over-shadowed for me by the host of brilliant secondary characters - hotel owner Dot and author Marguerite were particular favourites, and I loved their tangled storylines. Josh's friend Riley was an unexpected hit with me; he turned out to be nothing like I'd expected! I was very pleasantly surprised....


‘Take a Look at Me Now’

by Miranda Dickinson

Take a Look at Me Now

Nell Sullivan is shocked to lose her rather boring office job, but decides to make the most of her redundancy cheque by going on a trip to visit her cousin in San Francisco for eight weeks. Taking time out from her regular life gives Nell the chance to make plenty of new friends and work out what she really wants to do in the long-term, but will she be able to hang onto her dreams and new plans when she returns to London?