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"The greatest gift is a passion for reading" - Elizabeth Hardwick

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by Laura Williams
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‘The Lily-Livered Prince’

by Christopher William Hill

The Lily-Livered Prince

The world of Schwartzgarten which Hill has created is very clever, and pretty violent most of the time! Im not sure Id like to live there. I really like this series, and I think this is the best book in the series so far. I love Christopher William Hills dark humour, its very like Roald Dahl. I saw him at the Hay Festival this year, and hes even funnier in real life!


‘The Christmas Surprise’

by Jenny Colgan

The Christmas Surprise

Colgan helpfully gives a little 'who's who' guide at the beginning of the novel for readers who either haven't read the others in the series, or have forgotten some of the characters. This proves very handy even for readers familiar with the books, as it means Colgan doesn't need to try to work too much of the characters' history into this story. It's always lovely to revisit old characters and see what they're getting up to, and Rosie is a favourite of mine! I love her interactions with her great-aunt and the way she deals with the local busy-bodies and Stephen's awful mother.


‘Cover Your Eyes’

by Adele Geras

Cover Your Eyes

Eva Conway was a famous fashion designer many years ago who's been interviewed for a fashion magazine by a journalist named Megan. When Megan's love affair with her editor ends disastrously, she revisits Salix House, Eva's home, and finds herself taken in by Eva and her family. However, it's not long before Megan realises there's something not quite right about Salix House, something that Eva is doing her very best to keep a secret. Some parts of this book were seriously creepy! I haven't been able to look in a mirror properly since finishing it! I loved the whole 'figure in the mirror' idea, but found the conclusion of this part of the novel somewhat disappointing.


‘The Story of Us’

by Dani Atkins

The Story of Us

Well, I appreciate that Emma may have been torn between two men, but for me there was absolutely no contest! From the second Jack appears on the scene and saves the day, he was the only hero for me! He was just so brave and selfless, sigh! I just needed Emma to sort herself out and firmly agree with me.


‘The Christmas Party’

by Carole Matthews

The Christmas Party

Single mum Louise hasn't had her job as personal assistant for long, but already she's having trouble with her boss not being able to keep his hands to himself. Wanting to let her hair down for once, Louise sets out for the office Christmas party, determined to make it clear that she's completely unavailable. But can Josh, the company's top salesman convince her to give him a chance?



by Simon P. Clark


Really different, and quite mesmerising, 'Eren' literally kept me hooked. It's lucky it was quite a short read or my children would have become neglected I fear. Though not my usual sort of read, 'Eren' certainly kept me intrigued, if a little freaked out at times! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit different and fans of traditional folk and fairy stories.


‘An interview with Christopher William Hill’

Author of the Schwartzgarten series

An interview with Christopher William Hill

When I was eight I broke my leg and spent my entire summer holiday in hospital with my leg in traction to stretch it back into place. It was one of the best summers of my life! There was a nurse who used to sit by my bed and tell me gruesome stories and I was hooked. When I sat down to write my first book, Osbert The Avenger, I knew it had to be the gory sort of tale that the eight-year-old version of me would have enjoyed reading all those years ago.


‘All Fall Down’

by Jennifer Weiner

All Fall Down

Oh my goodness, this is such a good book! Allison was just so believable, and the way that her pill popping spirals completely out of control was just brilliantly done. It was so frustrating watching her inch closer and closer to addiction. The fact that she manages to keep it so well under wraps for such a long time was very cleverly done.